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the government. >> and another brutal and horrific and barbaric rape in india. what will stop it? the star of "slumdog millionaire" freida pinto has an idea. she's our guest. let's go "outfront." >>> good evening, everyone. i'm erin burnett. "outfront" tonight, war in mali. a deadly conflict between al qaeda militants and the government is getting violent. they're threatening to take control of the entire country. the militants' move prompted france to take action over the weekend. they put boots on the ground and went all in, bombing rebel training camps and other targets. so what will the united states do? a pentagon official told me this afternoon that the u.s. will participate in mali, but, and i want to make sure i put quotes around this, it's still deciding what that looks like. when we went to the mali border last summer, i saw first hand how dangerous the situation is. today, we spoke to some of our sources on the ground, including the military commander of the al qaeda's linked group. he told us that the militants are, in his words, excited and would welcome u.s. troops on the gro
and that this spending is more about democrats building up government programs than rebuilding from sandy. >> interesting. of course, as we all know, you can put all that money in, then when there's a disaster somewhere else, they ask for more anyway. i know this infuriated lawmakers from new york and new jersey, both democrats and republicans. know what, when it's you, you want the money. doesn't matter what your party is. there was certainly irony in that. but how have they fought back against these accusations of fat pork? >> well, vigorously would be the first word. time and again, they pointed out all the items in this amendment which would indeed help rebuild businesses. get people back into their homes, repair infrastructure and they keep insisting all this money is vital for long-term comprehensive recovery. a few times they even lit into their fellow lawmakers from other places like the gulf coast, saying in effect, we took care of your disasters, now you owe us. this did get nasty at times, i have to say, as it often does when one side calls a funding bill important and the other calls it poosr
the federal government right now. would you sign on to that? >> i don't agree with those numbers. we have a whole tax code that helps states like new york that have higher taxes because they can take it off of their federal income taxes. that has to be part of that, as well. i think we need to help those in need is something we should be doing but if you are not going to spend 80% of the dollars for two years what's the rush? why hurry? get to the direct needs now and that's what i think is important and that's why i offered a transparency amendment that says let's see where the money is going. fema needs reform. we should be reformed it the last two years, a decade ago, after katrina problems and hopefully we can make progress when we do that. >> thank you very much. we appreciate your time. >>> still to come, france has sent more troops in to mali to fight the war there and the united states promises to help. what is help going to mean for american troops? >>> plus an "outfront" investigation, birth tourism. paying women big money to come to the united states and give birth to new ameri
throughout the day and we have been struggling to chase this down and get the details. the u.s. government says it is taking the lead on the hostage situation. what is it doing tonight to make sure that the americans being held hostage are safe. >> the first thing they gave was to get satellite surveillance over that area which means that the fbi can now monitor to some extent what is happening on the ground. the next thing that the u.s. military did was upgrade the readiness status of the so-called commanders and extremists force. this is the small, lethal counter terrorism force that u.s. africa command did not have when the consulal ate was attacked. it allows command to be ready to go and have a team dedicated to hostage rescue and counter terrorism. this team we are told was already on its way to be in place for any potential missions that might come up. they have been diverted. they are in an undisclosed location. the defense official says with the number of potential hostage takers it would be an extremely dangerous assault mission. they are hoping there is some sort of diplomatic s
the details. the u.s. government says it is taking the lead on the hostage situation. what is it doing to make sure the americans who are being held hostage are safe? >> erin, the first thing they did was to get some satellite surveillance over that area which means that the fbi can now monitor to some extent what is happening on the grown. the next thing the u.s. military did was upgrade the readiness sat tus of the so-called commander's in extremists force, the small lethal counter terrorism force that u.s. african command did not have when that was attacked in benghazi libya. it was stood up and allows african command to have a ready to go special operations team dedicated to hostage rescue and counter terrorism. this team we're told was already on its way to senegal to be in place for any potential missions that might come up with mali. they have been diverted in an undisclosed location. they don't have any orders to go yet. a defense official says with the number of hostages and potential hostage-takers there, it would be an extremely dangerous assault miss. they are all hoping there is s
of questions already are coming from the united states about the algerian government's tactics in the operation that could have put the hostages in jeopardy. now, we also want to let you know that right now, there's a chartered flight en route of bp employees from algeria. it is headed towards london to gatwick airport. now, that could be landing at any moment. we don't yet know if the passengers are any of the freed hostages or if there are americans on board, but as we get that information, we're going to share that with you. the brother of an irish national who escaped from captivity had a harrowing story. he spoke to cnn today and described what happened to his brother. >> yeah, but just found out recently that he'd been mered to sleep with duct tape over his mouth and his hands tied and then we find out how he got free and five out of the compound or to a different part of the compound, and there were five jeeps and the algerian army had bombeded the jeeps and out of the five jeeps, the bomb had wiped out four of them. and they had obviously lost their lives, but lucky enough for my brothe
at the state level that we can look to, the federal government needs to look at and see, those are things that actually could prevent some of this gun violence. let's make the crimes harsher, let's federalize some of the penalties for using a gun to commit a crime. >> all right. i just -- i find it ironic that people who want spending cuts are proposing more spending. that's a separate issue. john, let me ask you about this that i referenced in texas. they are now saying there's a law being considered, a bill in texas, where if you're already allowed to carry concealed hand gun, you would now be allowed to carry that concealed hand gun on a college or university campus. is that bill going to change because of what happened today or is it just going to go full ahead? >> let's hope so. if there's some common sense and decency on the part of the legislators to respond to changing facts on the ground. look, this shooting is a case study for why more guns on college campuses are a terrible idea. i mean, it doesn't pass the common sense test. anyone who has been to college, it's hard to imagine
that is sanctioned. if there's 40,000 runners but it's sanctioned by the official governing body, i cannot run it. >> you cannot run it. >> i can't lie to you, i'd love the opportunity to be able to compete. that isn't the reason i'm doing this. >> paul, do you think that that's the truth? this isn't the reason he's doing this? >> it may be, but he's going to learn a terrible lesson and the lesson is it's not the crime it's the cover-up that frequently does people in. frankly, had he simply engaged in using drugs and doping techniques to win racieraces, ik people may have forgiven him for that but it was the aggressiveness of the cover-up, suing people, suing newspapers, destroying people's lives. that's the cover-up that i don't think the public or the sports sanctioning organizations will forgive him for. >> i guess the question will be after a time -- you were at the top. people have to really stomp on are fou a long time before they're ready to bring you up again. there's one other thing i wanted to play. this is something i felt like i got a little glimpse into him and i'm not going to say g
, one of the fellow riders, possibly joined by the federal government later. $30 million that went to the postal service team. that's federal money. potentially triple damages. so he is looking at as much as $90 million -- >> does he have that much money? >> i've seen estimates of over $100 million in his account. now i don't know if he's going to have a judgment of $90 million against him, but you are still talking about an enormous amount of money. no lawyer in the world would have advised him to do this. there is -- this was some psychological thing. this was not a legal justification. >> erin it was an incredibly gripping interview. there's going to be more tomorrow night and no doubt a lot more to talk about. >> you say no lawyer in the world. hearing jeff say that, would have advised him to do that. what's going to come next in terms of whether he's going to testify under oath. that's a statement we have now from the usada which has come out and given a statement. travis tiegart said tonight, lance armstrong has finally acknowledged his cycling career was built on a powerful
to be taken to u.s. facilities in europe. secretary of state hillary clinton has urged the algerian government to use the utmost care in the operation because, as she has made it very clear in this case, it was an act of terror. >> let's not forget, this is an act of terror. the perpetrators are the terrorists. they are the ones who have assaulted this facility, have taken host annal jeerians and others from around the world who were going about their daily business. >> "outfront," republican congressman mike rogers of michigan, a commissioned officer in the u.s. army, served as an fbi special agent. good to talk to you, chairman. let me ask you what you can tell us right now. as you know, the details are murky in some areas. we're starting to get more clarity. and unfortunately have confirmed that one american has been killed in this operation. others still unaccounted for. what more can you tell us? >> well, there is -- the rescue effort or at least trying to reoccupy the gas facility happened in two stages. so the algerians went in yesterday late to try to at least push back and flush out t
Search Results 0 to 21 of about 22 (some duplicates have been removed)

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